Saturday, August 22, 2009

hey everyone,

the mystery quilt marathon is coming up soon! i have lots of things to prepare to make it all a great day.

Just a quick thankyou to the few people that are following me. thanks :)

anyway at the moment am painting for the young archies competition. It can get very frustrating at times but in the end io think it will be worth it. My painting if of matilda(little sister) but she doesn't like it very much. oh well, you can't please everyone right? nah didn't think so :)

Most of my sports have finished now which is a bit sad. I lost bpoth my club netball semi final and my school netball semi final. :(
i have one more game of soccer next week then i'm done.
But i still have rowing! and my hands are killing me after my six k row this morning :)
anyway talk to you later :)
molly x