Thursday, September 24, 2009

Born Dotty

This week mum released my third pattern Born Dotty. We made this quilt for my bedroom makeover. After I met Amy Butler last year I just loved her fabrics and her book she signed for me so we bought some and based the makeover on the colours.


So this is Born Dotty and I am allowed to give one away..

Born Dotty

Mum says I have to ask for hints on how to keep my room tidy!! so leave a comment with a tip and I will draw a winner.


oh, and you can see some photos of my new room on Mums blog


ta ta for now :)



  1. Congratulations Molly on your patterns. I have 2 teenagers , a 17 yrs old daughter and 19 year old son. My daughter has always been really tidy but even more so when we allowed her to decorate how she wanted. She chose the colours, picked her duvet cover and cushions etc, then she decided she wanted funky containers to put her bits and bobs in, so we went shopping. She loves having all of her photos around her and she has got them on one of her wardrobe doors. She writes positive messages with a whiteboard pen on her mirror (and we let her), but the big thing for her was to take ownership of how she wanted her room and that we went with her wishes. Her room is the shabby chic style with a few funky twists-its her personality.
    Her brother , well its taken him until the last few months to decide he didn't want to live in a mess, but he is a university now and suddenly decided he wants to be sensible and study hard etc so he has changed his room round to suit his needs and has given a few hints on how he would like his room painted so in the summer that is what he and his Dad are going to do together. He is looking forward to having a really modern room and thats his personality.
    Its so much easier to have a tidy room for everyone as then things can be found easily and for you it will be nice to have your girlfriends visit in a tidy room also (without Mum around listening to all of those secrets you girls have).
    Have fun Molly.

  2. Hi there, I think Born Dotty is gorgeous..I've asked my 15 year old son for some tips on how to keep your room tidy (pretty ironic when you can't see the floor in his room!!!) .. keep a clothes basket for dirty clothes in your room, and lots of can never have too much storage.. good luck!!

  3. Hey Molly - I can't believe you've met Amy Butler, in the flesh! And your quilt is gorgeous too.

    My hint, keep your door shut - then you won't have to keep your room tidy!

  4. My teenage daughter has a nice wicker basket under her bed for all those bits and pieces that are important but dont have a home. Actually, nice baskets are great for clutter. They look good and the items arent scattered around your bedroom and can be sorted out later - or not!

  5. Hi As someone who came to housekeeping late in life I can recommend flylady com for wonderful schedule and tips that give you lots of free time for other things in life and still have a clean tidy place
    Congrats on your patterns
    Star GoHoshigata Yahoo Com

  6. dear Molly,
    I was crubbish as a teenager at keeping my room tidy so all I can suggest is a) ensure your bedroom door is ALWAYS shut or b) find a new mum to do bedroom inspections.

    Hope this is useful.


  7. Hi! My teenage daughter has a lovely wicker basket kept under her bed for all those important bits and pieces that dont have a home. Actually, nice baskets are a great idea on shelves, on the floor in a corner, on your desk, dressing table etc, 'things' in a basket look better than scattered all over the room and when you have the time you can sort them out - or not!

  8. put away after use, WHAT you don't use get rid of. LOVE the pattern

  9. The AB quilt is lovely. Tips for keeping your room tidy. I always find putting things away after you use them works. Best wishes for your fund raising.

  10. My goodness Miss Molly! What a perfectly lovely bedroom you have there! It would really be a shame to have such loveliness but not be able to enjoy it because of an untidy room, don't you think? Here's my hint: Spend 10 minutes every day putting things where they belong. Then when it's time to really clean your room, most of it is already done!

    I would love to win this lovely giveaway! Hoping to hear from you soon :)


  11. Baskets, containers etc to hold all your stuff that doesn't have an actual "home". You can just throw it all in. If you get baskets you could line them material to match your decor. My daughter and I love your new quilt. And your room makeover looks great. Well done!

  12. I love your quilt and what you have done with your room. To keep it tidy, you need to put things away when you are finished with them, that way you will always know where everything is and save lots of time by not having to search for lost stuff.

  13. What a great quilt you have designed. I really love it! I left my "what to do" comment at your moms, but mainly it is: chose a moment of the day that is good for you, like before bedtime, or before school time. Write down all the things you have to do in your room and divide those chores in 6. Do one part of them every day... Make sure to decide what to keep where, so you will be able to put them away quickly and find them too. Your own laundry basket in your room and emptying it every week might be a good idea for those clothes and socks that keep wondering around. Those work for my 12 year old daughter for now, don't know it they will next year!

  14. Hi Molly
    Your room looks wonderful and what a great quilt you have designed for it.
    As for keeping your room tidy shut your door to keep your Mum out!!!!
    As a mum to 2 teenagers I have to learn not to nag and/or go into their bedrooms and I live in hope that one day they may decide to keep their rooms tidy.....
    All the best with your new pattern
    Angela.... (

  15. Molly, I have a 14 year old and a 12 year old one of the best things we have found to help keep things picked up is to have bins/baskets for everything. We also do one "big" thing each day so pick up and dust one day then pick up and vacuum another.

    Also if you always make your bed firth thing when you get out it helps to make the room more tidy and starts things off right.

  16. Hi Molly...tell Mum the only way I can get my teenage son to keep his room tidy is to nag, nag, nag!! hehehe (but honestly, he's not that messy!...Maybe a pocket-money fine for an untidy room!!!! (I know you won't tell mum that one!) or I have a friend who bought her kids their own vaccuum cleaner to keep in their room!!!
    Good luck with that one!
    ;o) Wendy B

  17. Hi Molly, I love your room. I have four daughters 17, 18, 19 and 20. The eldest has moved out. My 18 yr old is really messy. My 19 yr old loves playboy and had painted her cupboards black and pink same as yours, it looks really good, her room is minimalist so she is able to keep it clean. Casey has to be the untidiest girls I have ever seen, every now and then she cleans up, but finds it impossible to keep it that way.My youngest has bouts of cleaning but is generally pretty good. ..Did I mention they are all girls. Thanks for a chance to win, it looks like a fab quilt.

  18. Hi Molly, love your new quilt and bedroom! My tip - have a place for everything and keep everything in its rightful place! Then you know where things are when you want them.